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Adansonia digitata "Baobab"

Adansonia digitata "Baobab"

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Adansonia digitata "Baobab" Seeds

Adansonia digitata, also known as the African Baobab, is a remarkable and recognizable tree that stands out for its enormous, thick, and swollen trunk, which can grow up to 28 meters (92 feet) in circumference, and its broad, spreading crown that remains leafless during the dry season.

This tree produces large, fragrant white flowers that are pollinated by bats, which later develop into woody fruit with powdery flesh that is commonly used to make a refreshing lemonade-like drink.

Although this species can be grown in cultivation, it thrives best in the drier tropical regions.

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The Holy Grail.

I've been searching for Duguetia marcgraviana for FAR too long, and supplies are extremely limited. Taste is similar to my favorite fruit, Duguetia stenantha; but with more of a cantaloupe flavor and unique sugar apple qualities.

Fresh seeds, always checked by yours truly. Get yours today!
- Hapa Joe

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