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Bahia Seed Drop!

Hey there fruit enthusiasts, have I got some exciting news for you! I've just returned from my latest adventure with some incredible seeds to offer. And guess what? I'm about to release a second drop of even more unique and rare fruit species next week.

But let me tell you about some of the amazing offerings I have available right now. The Hancornia speciosa "Bahia Red Mangaba", known for its difficulty to grow, is currently on a buy 2 get 1 free special. I've collected as many seeds as possible to offer them at an unbeatable price. Trust me, even the most skilled Brazilian growers struggle with this one.

Learn more about it on my youtube channel!

But that's not all. We've got a whole range of exotic fruits that will make your mouth water. From Annona dioica to Psidium sp. "Bahia Amarillo Grande", each of these species has a unique taste and texture that will leave you wanting more. And for those who love a bit of variety, we've got different types of Annona salzmannii and Myrciaria, each with their own distinct features.

I'm so excited to share these incredible fruits with you, and I hope you'll join me in my adventures to find even more exotic species. If you want to see more, be sure to check out my YouTube videos where I take you through the biomes where we find these incredible fruits.

That's all for now, but new seeds are on the way soon! Thanks for reading and supporting the team!

- Hapa Joe

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