Connecting you to the world's rarest, most exotic fruits.

Hi, welcome to my store! I'm Hapa Joe, a passionate conservationist, scientist, fruit hunter and adventurer. I travel the world to collect and source exotic and rare fruit seedlings to share with you.

All seeds and seedlings have been "fair trade" sourced to create value within the local communities that inhabit these rapidly deforested areas.

Thank you for your support!

Annona and Duguetia seedlings

Myrtaceae seedlings: Eugenia, Jaboticaba, plinia

Tropical and Subtropical Seedlings

Skip the wait, get a seedling instead of a seed. Grown by Hapa Joe!

All seeds and plants are sourced, cleaned, and inspected personally by Hapa Joe. Unless there is an issue with shipping all seed sales are final. No refunds or replacements once a shipment has been accepted. These are very difficult fruit and seeds to find.

Pricing is determined by the rarity of species and difficulty to obtain and clean.

Recalcitrant seeds and wild sourced seeds will cost more.