About Us

Hapa Joe Says Hello!

Greetings and a warm welcome to my store! My name is Hapa Joe, and I am an enthusiastic conservationist, scientist, fruit hunter, and explorer. As an avid traveler, I have extensively explored various regions of the world, particularly those with abundant botanical diversity.

In my quest to source rare and exotic fruits, I have come across numerous fascinating plant families, including the Annonaceae, Myrtaceae, Sapotaceae, and palm trees. These plant families offer a wide range of unique and interesting fruit varieties that are not commonly found in local supermarkets.

To ensure that my sourcing practices are ethical and sustainable, I make sure to use "fair trade" channels for all my seed and seedling purchases. By doing so, I create value within the local communities inhabiting these deforested areas, contributing to their economic growth and stability.

Thank you for your patronage, which supports my mission to bring the world's most extraordinary fruit varieties to your doorstep while promoting ethical sourcing and conservation efforts.