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Eugenia aff. glandulosa "Pitanga Laranja do Cerrado"

Eugenia aff. glandulosa "Pitanga Laranja do Cerrado"

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Eugenia aff. glandulosa "Pitanga Laranja do Cerrado" Seeds

Eugenia aff. glandulosa is considered one of the most delicious Eugenia fruits found in Brazil. Its sweet, citrusy flavor is said to be as good or even better than that of the Uvaia fruit.

Obtaining this fruit can be quite challenging due to its rarity. Verde Center from Brazil highly recommends it as a must-have fruit.

I found a lot of noteworthy Eugenia on this trip, here's another from the same drop!

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The Holy Grail.

I've been searching for Duguetia marcgraviana for FAR too long, and supplies are extremely limited. Taste is similar to my favorite fruit, Duguetia stenantha; but with more of a cantaloupe flavor and unique sugar apple qualities.

Fresh seeds, always checked by yours truly. Get yours today!
- Hapa Joe

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