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Pouteria sp. "Abiu Amarella Doce Muido"

Pouteria sp. "Abiu Amarella Doce Muido"

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Pouteria sp. "Abiu Amarella Doce Muido" Seeds

Pouteria sp. "Abiu Amarella Doce Muido" is a type of Pouteria, a genus in the Sapotaceae family that includes several species of tropical fruit trees.

"Abiu" is a common name for several species of Pouteria, including P. caimito and P. lucuma, which are native to South America. The fruit is known for its sweet, custard-like pulp and is eaten fresh or used in desserts and drinks.

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The Holy Grail.

I've been searching for Duguetia marcgraviana for FAR too long, and supplies are extremely limited. Taste is similar to my favorite fruit, Duguetia stenantha; but with more of a cantaloupe flavor and unique sugar apple qualities.

Fresh seeds, always checked by yours truly. Get yours today!
- Hapa Joe

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