Seed Drop! 4/16/23 HapaJoeNursery

Seed Drop! 4/16/23

Hey everyone! I'm finally back from Peru... to immediately prepare for another trip to Bahia, a state of Brazil! Things have been hectic recently - but I think once I return you'll see why.

Seeds from this trip have been limited to an all-star lineup of what I saw in the Peruvian Amazon. I heavily recommend looking at the Sacha Mango, a fruit that has a whole landmass named after it, or a Tikuna favorite, Ambeliana acida.

For my passionfruit lovers, we also found a very flavorful banana passionfruit, Passiflora tarminiana, that locals call "Tumbo".

Supplies from this drop are limited as I've had my hands full scouting for this upcoming Bahia trip. In the meantime, I also have an international collaboration that I will announce soon : )

Thanks again for all the support! Have a great day,
- Hapa Joe

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