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Annona coriacea "Amarillo"

Annona coriacea "Amarillo"

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Annona coriacea "Amarillo" Seeds

Annona coriacea is a tree that produces fruit from May to October. The fruits are highly fragrant and have excellent flavor, making them suitable for in-natura consumption. The fruits we harvested weighed anywhere between 600 to 2,800 grams and have a taste that is similar to Annona reticulata (Countess) but 10 times sweeter.

This tree can be grown in urban afforestation in parks and squares and can be an important part of recomposing the flora of the cerrado, as its fruits are a source of food for animals such as the maned wolf and tapir. When ripe, the flesh becomes very soft and can break if pressed, so it is best to consume them as soon as they are ripe.

Annona coriacea wins in sweetness, but is very delicate. Other fruits such as Annona cacans or Annona crassiflora are not as sweet, but have a longer shelf life. These are all great choices for species of the Annona genus that produce sweet and fragrant fruits.

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