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Annona crassiflora "Pantanal"

Annona crassiflora "Pantanal"

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Annona crassiflora "Pantanal" Seeds

Annona crassiflora is a tree species that is native to the dense coastal and rainy regions of the Atlantic forest in Brazil. The tree produces a fruit that is highly prized for its delicious taste. The fruit has a medium-thick bark and is highly resistant to handling, making it a popular ingredient in various culinary applications.

The tree can grow up to 6 to 8 meters tall and has a whitish-gray trunk measuring 30 to 40 cm in diameter. The leaves are one main leaf - not compoundsimple and wider at the base than at the midpoint; tapering toward apex. Length:Width ratio of 2:1ovate, with a stalk that joins a leaf to a stempetiole (short stem) measuring 0.8 to 1.5 cm long. Annona crassiflora is best suited to a humid subtropical climate, but it can also adapt to temperate climates with frosts of up to -3 degrees Celsius. The tree can be planted in sandy or clay soils and is even suitable for planting on riverbanks. The fruit harvest takes place from March to April, and the fruits can be harvested by cutting the cabin with scissors when they are almost yellow. This species can also be successfully cultivated in stony soils.

The fruits of Annona crassiflora can be used fresh or processed into jams, yogurts, mousses, ice cream, juices, and gelatins. They have a sweet and delicious flavor that is highly prized by many, much like Annona coriacea. The fruits are also highly resistant to handling and can be kept for up to 8 days in cool places or for more than 25 days in a refrigerator. In addition to its tasty fruit, Annona crassiflora is also an important species for the recomposition of the flora of the Atlantic forest, as its fruits are a source of food for several species of birds and animals, including monkeys and quatis.

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