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Annona dioica

Annona dioica

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Annona dioica Seeds

The fruits are fragrant and of excellent flavor for fresh consumption. The plant can be cultivated in large gardens or together with cacti, and in the restoration of the cerrado, as its fruits feed wild animals. The fruits have a sweet and tasty pulp reminiscent of pear cream and the seed easily loosens from the pulp, making it ideal for consumption in nature.

The fruits can also be pulped and the pulp frozen for future use or for making mousses, ice cream, use in dough or fillings for cakes and cookies. The fruits of this species have a thin skin and need to be handled with care. After being harvested, they remain intact for more than 15 days if stored in a refrigerated environment. Due to the small size of the plant and remarkable characteristics of the fruit, this species has great potential for family farming.

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