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Annona mucosa "Amazon Biriba"

Annona mucosa "Amazon Biriba"

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Annona mucosa "Amazon Biriba" Seeds

Biriba, also known as Rollinia, is a round to oval shaped tropical fruit native to South America. It has a yellow to orange outer skin and white to light yellow flesh that is juicy, sweet, and tart with a texture similar to a combination of custard and pudding. The flavor is often described as a mixture of banana, passion fruit, and lemon, earning it the nickname "Lemon Meringue Fruit".

This fruit is widely used in smoothies, juices, ice creams, and other desserts and is a rich source of Vitamin C and other nutrients, making it a popular and healthy snack in tropical regions.

Biriba are commonly found in the Amazon and bear fruit year-round with great variability in size, taste, and firmness. This particular phenotype typically ripens yellow and has mild sweetness with little acidity, and large fruits weighing between 5 to 10 pounds.

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