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Annona neolaurifolia Ultra limited:

Annona neolaurifolia Ultra limited:

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Annona neolaurifolia Ultra limited: Seeds

Fruiting from February to May. The tree can be cultivated in 
urban afforestation or squares because of its small size, and cannot be missed
in forest restoration, as its fruits feed birds and various land animals such as
pacas, coatis, graxains, agoutis, and tapirs. The fruits are very tasty for
consumption in natura; and the seeds do not easily release the pulp which has
a yield of 40% in relation to the fruit. The fruits can also be pulped and the
pulp frozen for future use or immediately to make mousses, ice cream, use in
dough or fillings for cakes and cookies. The fruits of this species have a
skin resistant to handling and for this reason it is very promising to be
cultivated by family farmers who can sell them in open markets.
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