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Bactris setosa "Jucúm Palm" Cold Hardy Palm Tree!

Bactris setosa "Jucúm Palm" Cold Hardy Palm Tree!

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Bactris setosa "Jucúm Palm" Cold Hardy Palm Tree! Seeds

Bactris setosa is a palm species that is unfortunately often overlooked due to its spiny appearance. However, if one can look past its thorns, they will discover a truly remarkable plant with ruffled, somewhat plumose leaflets, slender canes, and a distinctly tropical appearance.

This species is unique in that it can tolerate cooler temperatures, making it a special find for those living in colder climates. It is the only species within its genus that can survive in these conditions. Bactris setosa is found in the Atlantic coastal rainforest of Brazil and adjacent areas, including Bahia, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and São Paulo.

It thrives in low, open, swampy areas, often growing in standing water, and can be found at elevations ranging from 50 to 300 meters. While it is abundant in salt marshes, it can also be found in smaller populations in other ecosystems, and has even been sighted at altitudes of up to about 1000 meters.

We are also very happy the announce the addition of Arecaceae, the Palm Family!

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The Holy Grail.

I've been searching for Duguetia marcgraviana for FAR too long, and supplies are extremely limited. Taste is similar to my favorite fruit, Duguetia stenantha; but with more of a cantaloupe flavor and unique sugar apple qualities.

Fresh seeds, always checked by yours truly. Get yours today!
- Hapa Joe

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