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Duguetia aff marcgraviana “Lucenilde"

Duguetia aff marcgraviana “Lucenilde"

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Duguetia aff marcgraviana “Lucenilde" Seeds

On a road side, we came across a young vendor selling blue fruits in a bag. Being a fellow small business owner, I couldn't resist stopping to support. To our disappointment, what we initially thought was jaboticaba turned out to be jambolin.

Nonetheless, we still purchased the fruits, although they were not our favorite. During the interaction, Huan struck up a conversation with a local and expressed excitement about finding Duguetia. The local showed Huan a picture of "Ameju" and explained in Portuguese, pointing in a certain direction. Huan, overjoyed, started doing a joyful dance and urged us to follow.

We followed the lead down a dirt path and stumbled upon a medium-sized tree loaded with Duguetia aff. marcgraviana. These fruits had a delightful taste, combining the sweetness of papaya and melon. They had a wonderful aroma and a nice flesh, and we were told that they would grow even larger during the rainy season. The variety was named after the kind woman who directed us to the tree.

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Brown Sugar, Pralines.. mmm...

There's a reason I keep trying to tell you about Duguetia stenantha. The reason? Well... it's delicious.
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