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Duguetia furfuracea (Ultra Rare - Ultra Limited)

Duguetia furfuracea (Ultra Rare - Ultra Limited)

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Duguetia furfuracea (Ultra Rare - Ultra Limited) Seeds

Duguetia furfuracea Seeds

Duguetia furfuracea bears fruit from August to November and is characterized by its orange specialized outward growth surrounding a seedaril that has a distinctive taste reminiscent of carrot cake. The ultra rare plant is versatile and can be grown in urban forests, central garden beds or avenues, and is a valuable addition to the restoration of native vegetation as its fruits provide food for various animals such as the maned wolf, ferret, maracambé, and vinegar dog.

The sweet, flavorful pulp easily separates from the seed, making it ideal for consumption in its natural state. The fruits can also be processed into pulp and frozen for use in the creation of desserts such as mousses, ice cream, crackers, and cookies. The fruits have a thick, durable skin that allows for long-term storage, making it a suitable crop for small family farmers to sell commercially.

Duguetia furfuracea comes from the Brazilian Cerrado savanna. Interested in seeing what other fruits are found there? Check out the super sweet Annona coriacea, or look at our whole collection!

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Brown Sugar, Pralines.. mmm...

There's a reason I keep trying to tell you about Duguetia stenantha. The reason? Well... it's delicious.
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