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Duguetia marcgraviana “Pantanal"

Duguetia marcgraviana “Pantanal"

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Duguetia marcgraviana “Pantanal" Seeds

This tree was found 1 hour south of Caceres along a flooded river. These fruits had a delightful taste, combining the sweetness of cantaloupe and sugar apple. They had a wonderful aroma and a nice flesh, and we were told that they would grow even larger during the rainy season. The variety was named after the kind woman who directed us to the tree.

Duguetia marcgraviana comes from the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. Interested in seeing what other fruits are found there? Check out this Duguetia aff. echinophora found by Bruno Lima, a member of our team, or look at our whole collection!

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Brown Sugar, Pralines.. mmm...

There's a reason I keep trying to tell you about Duguetia stenantha. The reason? Well... it's delicious.
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