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Plinia aureana

Plinia aureana

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Plinia aureana Seeds

Plinia aureana Seeds

Plinia aureana is characterized by narrow oval shape tapering to a pointlanceolate leaves that can grow up to 12cm in length. During its initial growth phase, the leaves have a pubescent appearance with a salmon hue, which eventually transforms into a dark green color with distinct, deeply impressed primary and lateral veins.

The fruit of Plinia aureana is small and often features a slight nipple at the point of connection with the the stalk bearing a flower or fruitpeduncle. Despite being ripe, the fruit maintains a light green hue and contains 1-3 large seeds. The flavor is excellent and has a sweet jaboticaba taste with a subtle hint of honey. This species usually starts bearing fruit at 5-7 years of age, and a sample of ripe fruit exhibited a brix ranged between 12-19%.

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