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Plinia phitrantha "Branca Vinho"

Plinia phitrantha "Branca Vinho"

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Plinia phitrantha "Branca Vinho" Seeds

Plinia phitrantha "Branca Vinho" begins fruiting at 4-7 years of age and is likely to tolerate freezing temperatures down to the low 20s. Its fruit is similar to that of red jaboticaba but has a thicker skin. Notably, the foliage and upright growth pattern of this species are more striking than that of the red jaboticaba.

The fruit has an exceptional flavor, rated 10/10, similar flavor profile to the Plinia sp. "Escarlate". One defining feature is its rubbery-textured skin and numerous sharp, small prickly points protruding up to 2mm from the surface. This variety bears fruit several times a year after 2-5 years of fruiting, provided it is well-irrigated and fertilized.

The seeds have a very high germination rate. It requires daily watering and a pH level below 7.5, which can be achieved through water, soil, or amendments. "Branca Vinho" is an ideal candidate for container culture, and the pulp comprises 50% of the fruit's weight. A sample of ripe fruit measured 16% on the brix scale.

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