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Plinia sp Hybrid Red Precoce

Plinia sp Hybrid Red Precoce

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Plinia sp Hybrid Red Precoce Seeds

'Red Hybrid' is a Brazilian hybrid of the species cauliflora and aureana, which has resulted in a cultivar that unlike many jaboticabas that can typically take over 10 years to fruit, red hybrid generally fruits in 3-5 years in good conditions.

Noted for its unusual habit of cauliflory- where the flowers and subsequently its grape like fruits are born directly on the trunk of the tree, a jaboticaba tree certainly earns a place in any fruit tree  or rare plant collection in zones 9a and above. 

Interested in Plinia sp Hybrid Red Precoce? Try Plinia sp Gigante de Goiânia Jaboticaba from the Sao Paulo Subtropical Biome collection!
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