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Pouteria torta Whooly Abiu ... Cold hardy abiu.

Pouteria torta Whooly Abiu ... Cold hardy abiu.

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Pouteria torta Whooly Abiu ... Cold hardy abiu. Seeds

Pouteria torta is a class="tooltiptext">drops leaves annuallydeciduous tree that grows between 6-18 meters in height and has a dense class="tooltiptext">canopy of a treecrown. It is known for its lactescent sap and its tortuous, rusty-pubescent branches. This species can be found in cerrados, fields, and cerradões across Brazil.

The leaves of Pouteria torta are class="tooltiptext">one main leaf - not compoundsimple, rigid-coriaceous, and typically 7-15 cm long. They are concentrated at the class="tooltiptext">the highest point or vertex of a plant stemapex of the branches and are either glabrous or sparsely hairy on the upper side, with dense grayish pubescence on the lower side.

Pouteria torta produces greenish flowers arranged in fascicles on bare branches (after leaves have fallen), typically from August to October. The fruits of this species are class="tooltiptext">spherical; globe shapedglobose or  class="tooltip">class="tooltiptext">resembling an eggovoid and have a pubescent-ferruginous surface. They contain white, gelatinous pulp with a very pleasant, sweet taste. Maturation typically occurs between January and February.

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