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Theobroma obovatum (ULTRA RARE! GERMINATED)

Theobroma obovatum (ULTRA RARE! GERMINATED)

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Theobroma obovatum (ULTRA RARE! GERMINATED) Seeds

I recently stumbled upon Theobroma obovatum and its fruit for the first time. It was a unique find as there was only one tree available, but we were fortunate enough to gather enough fruit to offer at an incredible price!

The tree grows more like a bush than a tall tree and produces small, hand-sized cacao fruits. The flesh of these fruits is comparable to Theobroma cacao and is second only to Cupui in terms of flavor. Additionally, the seeds are germinating.

Theobroma obovatum comes from the tropics of the Amazon Jungle. Interested in seeing what other fruits are found there? Check out another chocolate relative I found, Theobroma subincanum, or look at our whole collection!

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