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Duguetia lanceolata "Pindaiba" Sapling

Duguetia lanceolata "Pindaiba" Sapling

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Duguetia lanceolata "Pindaiba" Sapling Seeds

Duguetia lanceolata "Pindaiba" Seedling

Duguetia lanceolata, also known as Pindaiba, is a rare species that is in danger of extinction. The name "Pindaiba" comes from the Tupi-Guarani language and means "tree of reeds or sticks", referring to the plant's thin and long stem. Other names include Pindaíba de Anta, tapir minutes, and Tapir Aticum.

Despite the large size of its fruit, the plant has little flesh because it has never been cultivated or domesticated. To cultivate Duguetia lanceolata, it is best to grow it in a humid and rainy subtropical climate that can also adapt to warmer and wetter conditions. However, it is not drought-resistant and can tolerate frost down to -3°C (26°F).

Duguetia lanceolata comes from the subtropical biome of Sao Paulo. Interested in seeing what other fruits are found there? Try growing Duguetia lanceolata from seed, or look at our whole collection!

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