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Eugenia acutata 1/2 gallon Sapling

Eugenia acutata 1/2 gallon Sapling

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Eugenia acutata 1/2 gallon Sapling Seeds

Translated from Colecionando Frutas by Helton Josue

 The tree can be cultivated in urban afforestation, in squares and large gardens, and cannot be missed in forest restoration, as its fruits feed bird-fauna. The flowers are beekeeping. The fruits appear at various times of the year and these can be harvested manually when they are yellowish or reddish. The meat and skin, which is very thin, can be enjoyed naturally and its flavor is good and resembles red jambo. The fruits can be processed manually by removing the inedible seed and the fleshy pulp can be frozen in portions or used to make juices, ice creams, jellies or even dehydrated for consumption such as raisins, and can be baked in the middle of cake batters. or sweet breads. It has great commercial potential.

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